REVIEW: ‘Could it Be Magic?’ at Wilton’s Music Hall

Written and performed by Paul Aitchison, 'Could it Be Magic?' is a one-man show portraying four caricatured magicians in a the final round. Each of the four finalist compete for the audience's vote and the hallowed trophy.


Q&A with Jenna Russell who tells us more about the European Premiere of ‘Steve’ at the launch of Seven Dials Playhouse

Opening on 8th February 2022, the European premiere of Steve will be running at the launch of the new London nenue, Seven Dials Playhouse, until 19th March. Starring Tony Award nominee and Olivier Award-winner Jenna Russell opposite Holby City’s David Ames, Steve seamlessly integrates the highs and lows of getting older, long-term friendships, monogamy, saying goodbye and being alive.


‘Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations’ is a journey through romantic memories marred by zero chemistry

Ava: The Secret conversations is a journey through memories of Ava's life as an actor and her infamous romances with her three husbands - Mickey Roonie, Artie Shaw and of course, Ol' Blue Eyes - Frank Sinatra.


Q&A with Mark Farrelly: “Derek Jarman is all about the possible: don’t wait for things to happen, make them happen yourself”

Jarman, a vibrant new solo play, written and performed by Mark Farrelly will celebrate the life of film-maker, painter, gardener at Prospect Cottage, activist and writer, Derek Jarman